Mentors Academy about Coaching Methods by Audra Shallal

On 03 November 2016 a practical workshop on coaching methods was conducted by Talsinki project in Tallinn.

We invited all mentors, coaches and investors for a practical workshop on coaching methods with expert Audra Shallal.

Topics covered during the training were:

– New methodologies in coaching
– Coaching as a process
– How to structure coaching and feedback processes (achievements, challenges and feedback model; PPP etc)
– Visioning and goal setting
– How to identify failures and point when team is at low point
– How to prioritize needs
– Tools to use as a coach
– How to be to the point and still keep the good spirits
– Best practise and hints of coaching
– How to develop your social skills, emotional intelligence.

Audra Shallal is the founder and Managing Director of an International Strategic Management Firm and maintains two streams of specialization: Entrepreneurship-Business Planning and Pitch Coaching-Investor Ready Programs. She has over ten years of experience in strategic management, business development, business and marketing plans, and product development in a wide range of industry sectors. She consults for international organizations such as OECD, UNEP, UNIDO and the European Commission, gives conferences and teaches courses on Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Development, and Entrepreneurial Finance to the Grandes Ecoles such as ENSCP, X, ParisTech, CELSA.

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