Talsinki Metropolitan Incubation project participants from Finland and Estonia spent two days polishing their sales skills in order to beat the global competition.

The new incubation project Talsinki aims for developing new business relations between entrepreneurs based in Estonia and Finland. One main focus of the project is to educate, train and coach participant startups in Talsinki region with best lecturers and trainers from all over the world.

On the 21th and 22th of September in cooperation with Talsinki project partners a Sales training and workshop was conducted by a brilliant sales coach Dan Toma (vn.linkedin.com/in/dantoma).

The sales training was focused on segmentation, value proposition design, sales funnel design, CRM implementation. Dan’s workshop focused on peculiarities of B2B sales which presents an unique set of challenges for both first-time and serial entrepreneurs. The sales training attracted over 30 Finnish and Estonian participants.

Understanding your customer, communicating with them and planning your sales process is the most important thing to know in order to succeed in any business whether your field of work is in ICT, healthtech, cleantech or creative industries.

For additional information on next Talsinki project events please contact triin.mahlakoiv@tehnopol.ee or magnus@inkubaator.ee or check out our web http://cbtalsinki.eu